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participation in ranking
No. S1369-20
No. S1372-20
No. S1375-20
No. S1378-20
No. S1383-20
No. S1384-20
No. S1387-20
No. S1390-20
No. S1393-20
No. S1397-20
No. S1399-20
No. S1402-20
No. S1406-20
No. S1408-20
No. S1411-20
No. S1414-20
No. S1417-20
No. S1420-20
No. S1423-20
No. S1427-20
No. S1429-20
No. S1432-20
No. S1435-20
No. S1440-20
No. S1442-20
No. S1445-20
No. S1448-20
No. S1451-20
No. S1453-20
No. S1456-20
No. S1459-20
No. S1464-20
No. S1466-20
No. S1468-20
No. S1471-20
No. S1474-20
No. S1479-20
No. S1480-20
No. S1485-20
No. S1486-20
No. S1489-20
No. S1493-20
No. S1495-20
No. S1498-20
No. S1501-20
No. S1506-20
No. S1507-20
No. S1510-20
No. S1514-20
No. S1518-20
No. S1370-30
No. S1373-30
No. S1376-30
No. S1379-30
No. S1381-30
No. S1385-30
No. S1388-30
No. S1391-30
No. S1394-30
No. S1396-30
No. S1400-30
No. S1403-30
No. S1405-30
No. S1409-30
No. S1412-30
No. S1415-30
No. S1418-30
No. S1421-30
No. S1424-30
No. S1426-30
No. S1430-30
No. S1433-30
No. S1436-30
No. S1438-30
No. S1441-30
No. S1443-30
No. S1446-30
No. S1452-30
No. S1454-30
No. S1458-30
No. S1460-30
No. S1462-30
No. S1465-30
No. S1469-30
No. S1473-30
No. S1475-30
No. S1478-30
No. S1481-30
No. S1483-30
No. S1487-30
No. S1491-30
No. S1492-30
No. S1496-30
No. S1500-30
No. S1503-30
No. S1505-30
No. S1508-30
No. S1511-30
No. S1515-30
No. S1517-30
No. S1371-40
No. S1374-40
No. S1377-40
No. S1380-40
No. S1382-40
No. S1386-40
No. S1389-40
No. S1392-40
No. S1395-40
No. S1398-40
No. S1401-40
No. S1404-40
No. S1407-40
No. S1410-40
No. S1413-40
No. S1416-40
No. S1419-40
No. S1422-40
No. S1425-40
No. S1428-40
No. S1431-40
No. S1434-40
No. S1437-40
No. S1439-40
No. S1444-40
No. S1447-40
No. S1449-40
No. S1450-40
No. S1455-40
No. S1457-40
No. S1461-40
No. S1463-40
No. S1467-40
No. S1470-40
No. S1472-40
No. S1476-40
No. S1477-40
No. S1482-40
No. S1484-40
No. S1488-40
No. S1490-40
No. S1494-40
No. S1497-40
No. S1499-40
No. S1502-40
No. S1504-40
No. S1509-40
No. S1512-40
No. S1513-40
No. S1516-40
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