Free puzzle game Puzzlow. ColorLink,SlitherLink,Sudoku,Number Place

About Puzzlow

All also of solving a puzzle and also playing and the thing which a name is registered and is participated in ranking are completely free puzzle sites.The puzzles which can play Puzzlow are ColorLink,SlitherLink and Sudoku ( Number Place ). In this site, a new problem is added one question at a time for each puzzle every day.

The reason for the ability to play for free.

The site design and the system program are made and managed for janitor itself.
Moreover, since all the puzzles are created by themselves, the expense to the writer does not occur. The cheapest possible rental server and the domain commissioned company are used.
An advertisement is put in and last-minute management is carried out with few of the remuneration.

There are not a prize and a prize.

Since the prize and the prize were cut and the cost is cut down, please understand.
It is aimed at the direction which aims at being ranked as solving a puzzle purely or a higher rank from the prize and prize which do not hit 99%.

About a link or printing.

The link to this site is free.It is splendid even if I have you link to which page.
Introduction at a site, recommendation to a game introduction site, and printing are also free.
It is not necessary to connect about a link or printing.